Here is what clients have to say about Maureen Suriner and her work

Well connected spiritually and a very accurate psychic medium reader

“I feel very blessed to have received an hour-long psychic medium reading from Maureen recently.  She connected into both of my deceased parents one at a time.  She knew nothing of either of my parents and I was amazed at how accurate she was in telling me what some of their most difficult challenges were in this lifetime for each of them.  I felt as if she had lived my lifetime with me but I had never ever discussed anything that had happened in relationship to them.  Because I was emotionally closed to both of my parents before they passed, it felt very comforting when I asked questions of each of them through Maureen to find out they had each grown spiritually and are now seeing things in a different way.  After the session, I was able to let go a lot of past hurts and anger about our misunderstandings.  It was a very valuable session for me.  I feel more relaxed and at peace now.  I would highly recommend booking a session with her.  You won’t be disappointed!

I also attended a group psychic medium reading with Maureen and Christian, a friend of hers who also does psychic medium readings last autumn.  There were around 12 people in the room and everyone got some kind of message during that 2-hour event.  Maureen was definitely tuned in then as well.  She even came up with my deceased friend’s legal name…though most people knew him only by his nickname.  Plus both of them described him physically and some of his emotional characteristics.  It was fascinating and my friend’s family was thrilled when I shared that with them.  So if you ever need someone to do a group psychic medium reading for you and your friends, I think you’ll be happy with the results.”

Marika Ray, Becket, MA

Her Reiki is insightful and healing

“Maureen is an excellent Reiki practitioner and teacher.  I feel lucky to have had her to get me on my path of becoming a Reiki Master myself.  I feel she is very spiritual and enlightened.  She has a sweet and calming energy about.  I love for her to do Reiki treatments on me because she is very insightful and healing.  When spirit calls her to sing, it is an amazing thing to be a part of.”

— W.  West Springfield

Feel more confident and energized

 “I thoroughly enjoyed every session.  The personal care and concern for my well-being and comfort were apparent each and every session.  I now feel more confident and energized going forward with my life.  You helped me more than you know. ”

— E.D.

Supportive and knew her stuff

“Maureen Suriner was a wonderful instructor.  She was supportive and knew her stuff.”

– E.V.H.

Knowledgeable, non-threatening & nurturing

“Learning provided in a comfortable, relaxed environment.  Teacher knowledgeable and presented material in a non-threatening, nurturing manner.”

– L.Y.

Good in giving practical hands-on experience

“Maureen was very good in introducing the Reiki I principles and giving practical hands on experience.”

– R.Y.