Marika Ray

Here is what some of Marika’s clients say about her and her work


Life-Altering Experience

My work with Marika Ray has truly been a life-altering experience for me.  I am a 9/11 survivor and probably a survivor of many other lifetimes.  The work has enabled me to peel back the layers of limiting beliefs, perceived and real hurts and so much more…and brought it all to Love.  It is a work that has been so surprising and fulfilling and I wish that everyone that I know and love as well as those I don’t know would be able to experience.  It has allowed me to remember the Light and Love that I am and the connection to all things.  The connections and layers of things that seem to govern our behavior are all coverings for our True Light that can shine through. So much for the work.  Now for the person.  Marika is one of the most loving kind and compassionate beings that I have ever had the pleasure to come across. When I talk, work,  cry or laugh with her I feel like I am with an angelic being.  She is all heart she is all love. Totally suited for this amazing calling that she is brave enough to follow. “ Humbly and gratefully,

Sebastian R. from  New York

Helping with PTSD and more

“I can’t begin to tell you how much the Angelic Energy Clearing sessions have helped me and changed my life, but I will try.  I have been in psychotherapy for a good portion of my life, which has provided little to no solid treatment or change in my PTSD or trauma related dissociative disorder.  I have come to realize traditional psychotherapy only scratches the surface.  The Angelic Energy Clearing sessions go so much deeper and treat and address the myriad of wounds that were inflicted to not only the conscious but the subconscious and unconscious.  I have never experienced in all my years of therapy the deep effects of getting to a place of real resolution.

Marika is truly gifted and connected to a higher consciousness than anyone I have ever known.  Patient, loving and so heart centered.  There is no doubt of her intention to help you experience a better life, and  leave what plagued you behind.   I cannot recommend this angel and lightworker enough or thank her enough for helping me in such a profound way.”

Lorraine from Northampton, MA, Angelic Energy Clearing client since 2016

Has helped dissolve emotional baggage and traumas from the past

My wife and I have been working with Marika once a month for over a year. Our goal for working with her was to dissolve any emotional baggage or traumas from our past so we could raise our level of consciousness and make sure we were creating a reality that was not based on past unresolved issues. I can say that we have both experienced amazing changes in our lives since working with Marika. We have had many new business opportunities, communicate better with our kids and each other, have a sense of calm etc. Working with Marika has been a blessing and has been totally worth it. Thank you.

Clayton and Janelle from Canada

Emotions Healed, Eczema Gone, Less Anxiety, More Sleep

How to begin. Honestly I can not put my gratitude and appreciation for Marika and her kindness and love for her clients during a session. She has always been there for me, in any emergency she fit me right into her schedule . She responded quickly and was able to help. The sessions for me have been numerous over the past year or so. With each session more emotional layers and old energy gets healed, renewed, understood and transformed into love and awareness. Talk therapy could never get this deep. For a lot of emotions get brought to the surface, many one could not even recall. I healed  more then I could have ever in  a lifetime of therapy.
I have not only had emotions healed, but discovered hidden gifts. I am more in tune with my communication with nature and my guides and angels. I have had many physical ailments cleared and healed. My lifelong battle with eczema has been gone completely for over a year now, I was told there was no cure . I have had a hip/ back issue healed quicker and more efficient then any doctor could do.  I no longer need glasses. Anxiety is so so much better. I sleep more restful.I feel more social. I am younger feeling. I feel closer to my true love, that I am. I can not even recall who I was at the start of the year. Trust me everyone can benefit from Marika’s sessions.she is a angel, a friend and like family.
You can count on will want to keep having sessions. I plan on it. Treat yourself, you deserve it.
Bee from Massachusetts

Felt safe to speak my deepest darkest secrets out loud

Marika Ray is like no one else on this Earth!  She is truly from the angelic realm, as demonstrated by her loving and caring presence.  To be with her is to enveloped by unconditional love from the deepest source imaginable.  In the many years I have known Marika, she has always chosen to freely share her gifts with me.  I am a close friend and therefore was able to be one of her “practice subjects”,  as she was developing and honing her amazing talents. Whether it was an emotional, physical or spiritual issue I was experiencing, Marika was able to find just the right modality to use to clear it. 

I spent countless hours receiving her knowledge, compassion and love.  I am so blessed to have been in the unique position to benefit from the healing that she learned and is now lovingly sharing with the world.  My deepest, most intimate thoughts, (that I had trouble expressing to myself)  were easily shared with her.  I always felt safe to speak my deepest, darkest secrets out loud.  In our many sessions, she listened to me, checked with her angels and guides for guidance and imparted the information she was intuitively given, in a kind and caring way. 
Never judgemental, Marika’s skills in healing the body and soul are immeasurable.  I am truly grateful  for all that she has done for and shared with me.  She is here on Earth to serve everyone in need in the kindest, most gentle way imaginable.  I couldn’t more highly recommend Marika to anyone with any kind of issue.  She is the embodiment of pure love.
With Love, Light & Blessings, Cheryl from Massachusetts

Now more resilient, confident and accepting of myself

“I have worked with Marika for many months on various persistent and transient physical and emotional issues.  Her work is highly effective, professional, compassionate, educational and potent. The Body Code, in its practice, is somewhere between a healing session and a therapy session because it unearths things that I hadn’t realized were captured in my system.  In bringing them to light, and simply accepting their presence and their release, something subtle and deep is touched and strengthened within in me. I am  more resilient, more confident, more accepting of myself and my history and I am more peaceful in my interactions.  Marika’s professionalism allows the sometimes highly personal information that is revealed in a session to be more easily acknowledged and cleared and seen with some detachment afterwards.  I highly recommend Marika Ray for anyone considering the need for healing using Body Code or for any of the modalities she offers.”

Freedom M.  from  Goshen, CT

Help with back pain…and made a major difference in my life

“Marika is a kind, caring and skillful practitioner of the Body Code process to unlock and release any kind trauma, physical, mental and emotional.  Her very capable communication abilities with Angels and Guides provides a deeper experience that increases her effectiveness in guiding you to resolve health and other issues. I am very grateful to Marika for her help.  Not only did the back pain I had go away, but the sessions are making a major difference in my life! Thank you, Marika!”

Brenda A. Scott, Inspired Acupuncture, Framingham, MA 01702

Profound levels of self-understanding and insight

“Marika Ray excels as an Energy Practitioner.  Her direct and all-encompassing approach allows you to experience healing on multiple levels.  There is an opportunity to reach profound levels of self-understanding and insight, depending on how engaged you are willing to be.  Marika offers both written and digital voice recordings after the session, allowing you to reinforce the healing experience as needed.  I heartily recommend Marika’s Angelic Energy Clearing Sessions.”

Nan Burke from Rhode Island

Healing of old difficulties

I have worked with Marika on a number of occasions over the past several years.  Her gentle guidance and deep compassion are immediately felt and acknowledged by my inner self.  We worked on deep and uncomfortable issues moving quickly into clearing  with good resolution and healing of old difficulties.   Her powerful angelic presences brings a kind and loving spirituality to these sessions.  I will work with Marika again as I encounter situations that want assistance of the highest order.
With much gratitude and love,  Marcia  from  Goshen, MA


Supportive of noticeable physical improvement

I am so grateful for our sessions. I was seeking healing at a deeper level for a woman’s health concern. Marika was gentle, understanding, and a wonderful listener. She had many resources for the sessions, and we were able to process a lot. I believe that our work together was supportive of a noticeable improvement on the physical level. Marika is a thorough, invested, and well studied practitioner. Her years of experience certainly stand out.

Anna from Hadley, MA

Helped answer some big questions

Marika is truly an amazing person and someone you really feel blessed to know. The gifts she has to share with people are vast. She is very good at receiving information and answering intuitive questions that people have. She has helped me get answers to some big questions. Marika is non judgemental which makes working through personal or emotional things very easy. When I get stuck on a question or have something in my life that I am having trouble getting an answer to, I often go to Marika. She is quick to respond, very accurate, gentle – yet tells you the truth, and an extremely conscientious person. She is also very reliable so you can always count on her. I have recommended Marika to many of my friends and family and everyone has always been very grateful for what she has to offer.
Ross Newkirk from Rhode Island

Feel lighter, less stressed and more inspired

I have known Marika Ray for over eight years now. The first thing that impressed me about Marika, is her willingness to follow her heart in all that she does. She has a very pure heart and is always thinking of others. Her humility abounds and she is quick to put people at ease with her gentle countenance and lighthearted conversation. She is well versed at working with all kinds of people and always has a special way of making everyone she meets feel extremely appreciated and important. Marika has a knack for remembering even the minutest detail about anyone she meets, and makes everyone feel welcome with great naturalness and ease.
I have really enjoyed watching Marika’s repertoire of different holistic modalities grow over these last few years. Marika’s inner guidance system is exceptionally accurate. When working with her clients, she is free from judgments, drama, or blame. At the same time Marika’s inner strength is that of a gentle lion, completely unruffled and yet extremely strong. She is truly connected to the Source. Her guides and angels abound. Her very presence is angelic itself!
It has not only been a real treat to work with Marika, but also a tremendous honor to have worked through some very personal and challenging times in my own life, with someone so loving and caring yet professional in her work as she does. She is first on my list to call and is very quick to respond and connect a time that works for us both. During times of critical emergency or an intense situation, she has also worked above and beyond her normal work schedule until her work is complete and my family and / or I feel at peace. I have seen a large release of old energy and old programs vanish from my life after my Body Code sessions with Marika. The notes she takes about each session I have had with her are extremely helpful and it often helps me see just how much I have let go of in my own life. I feel so grateful to have Marika in my life. Thanks to her and her work with me, I feel lighter (both physically and emotionally), less stressed, more inspired, and have accessed a new level of understanding of my path with a clearer view of who I am and why I am here. She is a tried and true lightworker! 
Infinite Gratitude, H.G.N.    

Insightful and helpful on my journey

I have been working with Marika over the past two years. The process she uses has been incredibly insightful and helpful in my journey of sorting out my past issues. It’s a long road for me but I feel so much lighter after working with Marika.

Regards, Mandy