What people are saying about Kay:

Kay is so informative, a great teacher on the proper use and safety of essential oils! I would highly recommend her and her products! – K.D.

Kay Judge has an incredible knowledge of the safe usage of essential oils. Learning from Kay was life-changing.  -M.K.

Not only did Kay take on the assignment of studying the granuloma annulare skin issue I’ve been dealing with since 2018, which doctors know of no cause or cure for yet, she did research and then custom created “Mimi’s Salve” which I’ve been using since August 2019. Not only does it smell and feel wonderful, as part of a holistic protocol I’m doing, the deep red spots on my arms have faded immensely since then.

AND I recently purchased her SMILE inhaler. I thought what an interesting item! Reminded me of the Vick’s inhalers that we had as kids  BUT THIS IS BETTER! Makes me smile and clears my head a bit when I use it. Bought a bunch to give to people I love over the holidays. Many different purposes: Clear, Chill, Focus, Snooze etc You can shop online too! https://blueskyewellness.com/ Jacob’s Ladder Business Association Members Group  -M.R.C.

Kay has helped me with her knowledge. I have problems with stress, it builds up quickly, and I have trouble putting the problem in perspective and letting go. Kay developed a formula for me. She put it into a little inhaler so that I can have it with me all the time. The formula she made had oils I wasn’t even familiar with becI THANK her so much for helping me.ause some of the familiar ones don’t work for me. That little tube has helped deal with several situations already. She knows the science.  -L.W.

Kay is a wealth of valuable information. She is compassionate and intuitive in her approach to wellness and safe use of essential oils is a priority.  -M.S.