I just want to preface this by saying that this is the first time I am making any of my channeling sessions public.  This is an uncomfortable step for me but one which I am being asked to make by Spirit.  Take from it what resonates with you and feel free to share this.  This was written by me in longhand-pen and paper and it was all I could do to keep up with the message coming through.  Some of it is geared to me and some to the collective but I am keeping it as written including the punctuation and Capitalization as it came through. I hope you will feel the support of Spirit during this time of great transformation.  Sending you all love.-Maureen

ME:  Jesus, what would you like to share with me about what is happening in the world right now in relation to the Corona Virus and the panic it is causing?  What would you like people to know? 

Jesus:  Hi Maureen.  Do not doubt your gifts.  They are needed now more than ever.  You have been preparing for these times and are needed.  This does not mean go into fear, rather the opposite-go into love.  Bring forth love that others may know Peace.  Bring my words and my energy to the masses.  It will calm the storm and bring Peace and Light.  Know that I am with humanity at this time, helping to usher in A New Age.  A New Start, Fresh and filled with Hope.  You and many like you are ready to help facilitate this process.  It is important that you not doubt, for there is work to be done.  Holy Work.  You are not alone.  We will guide your words and actions.  Be open.  TRUST, and it will unfold like a beautiful flower.  Mother Earth is going through a Re-Birth.  It is a pivotal time in her evolution and as inhabitants on her land you must go through it as well for you are intimately connected.  We will help.  Many are arriving on your planet at this time to assist with this process.  Many worlds exist and others have gone through similar changes in their home planets.  They have come to advise and hold positions of significance.  The great unfolding has begun.  The old must be released for the New to take hold.  Hold onto your hats-it could be a bumpy ride.  Put on your seat belts, trust that you are safe and use the tools in your energetic tool belt to help make the transition smoother.  Be not afraid, much good will come.  Life will once again be filled with beauty and you will once again be filled with a Deep Desire to be alive.  Do not feel guilty for your previous desire to be “DONE”, to “Come Home”.  It is understandable and never held against you.  Know that you have not been alone even in your darkest hours.  I have been by your side offering shelter and comfort-to what extent you were willing to receive.  Your Soul calls the shots.  There is so much going on “under the radar” so to speak.  Much intrigue.  Enough to fill 100 spy movies!  Nothing like this has been seen in such a degree on Earth and or to the human race.  It is an exciting time and one that has been foretold and LONG Awaited for.  It is finally upon us.  The Great AWAKENING.  Many beloved Guides and Masters are working “overtime” on your behalf.  It is a time – a call to action.  Change must come for humans and Earth to survive.  It is doable if everyone does their part.  A Master Plan has been drafted by the Creator.  It is incomprehensible to most so TRUST and FAITH are paramount.  If ever you had an inkling of Faith, now is the time to bring it up from the Deep Wells within.  Every single person has guides and angels helping them at this time whether or not they know it.  No one goes through this transition alone and some are not meant to complete this transition in Human form and have “life” ended but they have fulfilled their mission-make no mistake Everyone has a part.  Everyone is to be Respected!  We are all sparks of Divine Creator’s Light.  Know it. Own it. Embody it.  I Love you.