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Welcome to the Center for Inner Wellness’ Connecting & Cooperating Page! We love meeting new people and finding out new ways to join forces and create links between communities.  On this page you will find a growing number of websites, businesses and people who you might want to get acquainted with. 

We’d like you to encourage you to explore on your own and make your decisions.  We are just providing you a gateway or doorway to see what works best for you.  We are not making any promises here but just giving you the chance to choose what’s best for you.  So feel free to make your own discoveries and decide what opportunities work for you.  Enjoy the freedom and expansion this brings each of you!

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NOTE:  We do our best to be open-minded and accepting of everyone. However, we do reserve the right to refuse any link that we deem unacceptable.

If exchanging links with the Center for Inner Wellness, please copy and paste the link below, onto your Web Site and email us with it’s exact location.  If you need a link other than what is below, such as a banner, please email us with your request. – Inner Health & Wellness, Personal Growth, Novel Life Solutions, Creativity,  Arts, Movement & Exercise, Reiki, Angelic Energy Clearing, Energy Medicine, Psychic Medium Readings, Classes, Events, Talks, Community, Berkshire County, Western Massachusetts

Berkshire County & Western Massachusetts – Featuring Business’, Services, Attractions, Events and more, for Berkshire County, located in beautiful Western Massachusetts.

The Lightfield Foundation – Featuring De-StressTechnology that helps release physical and emotional baggage through light, sound and higher frequencies and can help connect to Higher Awareness .  Located in Western Massachusetts in the town of Chester. 

Rhode Island Getaways

Flo De-stressing Center.  Featuring technology to alleviate the harmful effects of stress from the body and mind and offer a unique opportunity for higher connection and self healing. Helps awaken innate self healing ability.  Located in Wakefield, Rhode Island.

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