Upcoming Events for February 2020! 

**Winter is here so if any concerns about cancellation due to weather please check back here, our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cfiwellness/  or call/text Maureen @ 413-315-1133**

Meditation with the Core Harmonizer

SUNDAY February 9th at 11 AM 

We welcome back, Marcia Shaw of Goshen as she shares the beautiful energies of her Core Harmonizer. This portable unit, developed by Ross Newkirk (a former Chester resident), creates a blissful space in any room. Come experience a cutting-edge technology that grounds, calms, and helps create serenity to let you easily enter a meditative state...even if you've never done meditation before. There will be time in silent meditation, followed by a  short guided heart healing meditation.

The Core Harmonizer uses nested geometries, specific copper materials, and frequencies of light and soothing 432Hz music. We invite you to come to this group meditation with family or friends and enjoy deep relaxation. To learn more about the Core Harmonizer, visit Ross's website at www.conscioustechnologiesllc.com

$10 Suggested Donation

Soul Collage Workshop

Sunday February 9th 12:30-2:30 PM

SoulCollage®is a process for accessing your intuition and creating an incredible deck of cards with deep personal meaning that will help you with life's questions and transitions. They are like having a personal Tarot deck made just for you!
Following the simple SoulCollage® directions, you can let your creative side play using a variety of pictures cut-out of magazines, greeting cards, personal photos, postcards, catalogs and calendars then joining them together in a surprising new way and gluing them down on a card. Cards containing images YOU select...or maybe it's the images that select you. In any case, they come straight through your Soul, bypassing your mind.
This is a creative process which anyone can do. You can do this work individually, but it is fun to have other people with whom to share the process. The cards are fun to take to a friend's house, to work with in therapy or support groups, or use for divination purposes.  During this workshop, there is usually enough time to create 1-2 cards and it is usually an ongoing workshop event.
Suggested Donation of $10 to cover costs
Materials included:  Magazines, glue sticks, scissors, One 5" x 8" matt or poster board

Winter Blues Be Gone!!  Free talk

Saturday February 15th 2 PM

Has winter got you down?  Cabin fever is a state of mind that often develops as a result of feeling isolated and being stuck indoors due to the cold and weather of winter.  Come to this free talk on how to survive this beautiful but often challenging season.  Handouts included with lots of great ideas!

Reiki Share

Sunday, February 16th
1 to 3 PM

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Join us in practicing and sharing your Reiki skills in a group setting.  Whether you have a Reiki practice or channel Reiki for your own needs, come experience the joy of both giving and receiving this most compassionate gift.  Please plan on staying for both hours so you have a chance to both give and receive this beautiful energy.  Facilitated by Reiki Master Teachers, Maureen Suriner and Kay Judge.

Cost: $10   RSVP to Maureen at (413) 315-1133 or Kay at (413) 242-4069


Monthly Community Clinic by Donation 

Tuesday February 18th

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*This month we are offering four session times where you can bring a friend or partner and experience Reiki together! Or come as an individual and experience the expanded energy of two Reiki practitoners at once! We will have two Reiki Masters with two side by side Reiki tables set up. So if you've been wanting to find an easy, affordable and comfortable way to try Reiki, sign up! You can decide how much to donate in this once-a-month offering. Session times this month are 10AM, 11Am (filled), 6PM, 7PM on Tuesday February 18, 2020.
To request a Monthly Community Clinic Appointment, you Must PRE- REGISTER by emailing Maureen at maureensuriner@gmail.com at least 48 hours prior to date and watch for a confirmation email. Please include a phone number where you can be reached. These appointments are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Call Maureen at (413) 315-1133 with any questions.

Soul Level Animal Communication ® Event

Saturday February 22, 2020 from 10 AM - 3 PM

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Have you ever wondered what your animal wants you to know?
Soul Level Animal Communication ® is intuitively connecting in with the energy of both you and your animal to gain insight into what life lessons they are here to help you learn. Animals are amazing teachers, and they can help us learn about ourselves while we are together. What they want more than anything is to help us grow into our highest potential….. How to work towards being the best “You” so that you can live your best life possible!

Join Karen Spinelli, of Hand To Paw,
at The Center For Inner Wellness in Chester, MA
on Saturday February 22, 2020 from 10 AM - 3 PM
to connect in with your animal and find out what they want you to know!
These appt’s are scheduled in advance on the ½ hour so you MUST Pre-Register NO LATER THAN Thursday Feb 20th by emailing Maureen at maureensuriner@gmail.com or texting her @ 413-315-1133 (Please give a few possible times available AND Watch for confirmation from Maureen.)

Cost will be $20 for this 20 minute reading.Cash or Credit cards accepted

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is it ok if my animal is already in spirit?
Yes! They can be still living in a physical body, or transitioned into their spirit selves.
Is it ok if it’s not my own animal?
Yes - The animal you choose to connect in with may be your animal, or an animal you’ve shared time with or had a memorable experience with.
Can it be any type of animal species?
Yes – we can connect in with any animal that you’ve had a connection with.
Will I be bringing my animal with me for this?
No – only you will be there in person, and we will connect in energetically with your animal through you and your connection to them.
What is a session like?
Think of Karen as the middle-being, sharing messages between you and your animal.
She’ll first connect in with you, your energy, and your personality.
Then you share your animal’s name, as well as their species, gender, and if they are alive or in spirit.
She’ll then connect in with your animal, their energy, and their personality.
Information may come through as something seen, heard, felt, or received like a computer download or “knowing”.
Many times messages come though symbolically, so they may become clearer after you’ve had time to reflect on it.
There may be quiet times as Karen connects in and receives information, before communicating it back to you.
You’ll be able to ask one question to, or about, your animal. (So you can start to think in advance about what you’d like to ask them!)
At that point, you will go deeper into the Soul Level to find out HOW they are working with you (ie, through what behaviors), WHAT lessons they are working on, WHAT you need to be doing to work on this lesson, and HOW you will know when you are making progress in their lesson.


An Introduction to Essential Oils: The Basics

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 Sunday February 23rd   2-4 PM    $25

The Basics of Using Essential Oils
Presenter: Kay Judge CCA
Are you curious about how essential oils work and how to use them safely? This class will provide a basic understanding of the practice of Aromatherapy and the use essential oils. Topics to be covered include defining what an essential oil is, an explanation of how they are derived, discussion of their beneficial properties, six "essential" essential oils profiles and an outline of safe use practices. Participants will have the opportunity to handle the oils, use blending tools and will create a room spray from commonly used essential oils to take home. A materials fee of $25.00 will be collected. This is a hands on educational class and and is not a sales event.
Registration is required. To register send an email to blueskyewellness.aromatherapy@gmail.com or call or text to 413 242 4069