Looking for a like-minded community that shares your passion for going beyond the mundane?

Living an alternative lifestyle focused on wellness and making choices that are different from the people around you can make for some lonely experiences. Have you ever imagined what it’s like being the only vegetarian or vegan at a BBQ, being single at a party full of couples, or wanting a life where you seek meaning and constantly want to improve your life…while others are satisfied with a mediocre lifestyle? We’re not saying anyone is wrong in their choices in these situations, but you can still feel a bit left out if you don’t have people who understand you.

The fear of being different can be enough for someone to give up or even quit before they’ve started. Or it might make their wellness or other alternative lifestyle experiment short-lived. These feelings and fears are completely valid but it still can feel limiting when you don’t feel like you can openly share your passion for life with your friends and family.

That’s why it’s so important to find a community of like-minded people who are excited about doing the same things you are because they’re going to make you feel welcome. They’re going to encourage you. They’re going to inspire you.  That’s the way we feel about community here at the Center for Integrative Wellness so we hope you’ll come join us.

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