Maureen Suriner

Meet Maureen Suriner and Discover her many talents and abilities!!

Maureen Suriner is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher and a Psychic Medium. She lives in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts in Middlefield. She is married and has two adult daughters.

In 2006 she was fortunate enough to reconnect with a friend who practiced Reiki. The two of them used Reiki on therapy patients and the patients LOVED it! She found it fascinating to see the amazing effects it had on them.

Then after experiencing Reiki for herself personally, she knew this energy was something very special and wanted to learn how to use it to help others. This began her energy medicine journey and that is what it has been, a journey of discovery and healing of herself and a desire to help others enjoy it’s benefits.

In addition to giving individual Reiki sessions, she teaches Usui Reiki Levels I, II, III, Advanced Reiki Training and she became a Reiki Master/Teacher in August of 2007. She also graduated in 2013 from the Rhys Thomas School of Energy Medicine, which taught her a wide variety of Full Spectrum Healings, Chakra Balancing and Distance Healing but her thirst for energy medicine has really just begun.  For more information, visit her personal website.