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When your energy level or life feels stuck and stagnant, you may need some help to get it moving.  Many people these days are realizing that in order to create a lasting change, you need to go outside of traditional thinking for the answers. 

The Center for Inner Wellness specializes in locating blocks, obstacles, or issues that pop up in your life that may keep you from moving  ahead. We offer personal sessions using Angelic Energy Clearing,  Reiki,  Energy Medicine, Psychic Medium Readings and more. Plus we offer classes, events and gatherings that open you up to  better health and wellness. Our approach includes holistic, creative and artistic stimulation to link you to a community that is supportive and encouraging. Connect your heart to your life and to other like-minded friends so you can move forward with joy and deep satisfaction.

Come join us in our center located in Western Massachusetts in the beautiful Berkshire Hills.  We’re less than a hour away from Springfield, Massachusetts to the south and Albany, New York to the west.

Upcoming Events for February, 2019

Create Deeper Meaning, Connect thru Your Heart in February

When your energy level or even your life feels stuck, you may need some help to get it moving again.  If you want to create last change, you need to go outside of traditional thinking for your answers.  So come release, relax and renew your body, mind an spirit with us.  Bring a friend and enter our raffle for a free session while you’re here.

  • Create & Plan a New Direction for Your Life with the Vision Board filled with images you love!  Tuesday, February 5 from 6pm to 8pm.  Bring a friend or family members. All ages welcome.  $10 fee.


  • Nourish Your Inner Self & Create a SoulCollage.  Saturday, February 9 from Noon to 1pm,  join our Potluck Lunch.  Then have SoulCollage fun from 1pm to 3pm. $10 fee.


  • Release Everyday Aches & Pains with Tiny Micro Movements than Can Produce BIG relief.  Tuesday, February 19 at 6 to 7pm.  Bring a mat or blanket to lay on.  FREE!


  • Cabin Fever Getting You Down?  Sunday, February 24 at 2pm to 3pmGet tips, activities and ideas to help you cope and stay sane.  Come meet new friends or bring a friend with you.  FREE!


  • Meet Master Teacher & Intuitive Counselor Lisa Denton in her  FREE “Connect to Your Intuitive Gifts” class. Saturday , March 2 from 2:30 to 4:30pm. For beginning or advanced students.  Come find out how to easily tune into and access your inner gifts.  Lisa has 30 years of experience in her private practice.  She in on Board of the Heart River Center for Intuitive Healing in NYC.

A follow-up, deeper workshop will be available on

Saturday, March 23 from 10:30am to 4:30pm

at the Center for Inner Wellness, 26 Main Street, Chester, MA

Get all the details on each event, visit our Events Page.   Or, call Marika at (603) 630-6835 for questions or to reserve your seat.

Wellness Services

Personal Reiki Sessions with :  Maureen Suriner Reiki is a very simple and relaxing process. It produces very profound and noticeable effects. The main purpose of a Reiki treatment is not only to support your physical body, but also to promote a positive, calm mind so you can experience more joy in life.

Angelic Energy Clearing Sessions. These are individual sessions to identify specific underlying root causes of unresolved, or “stuck” patterns that are causing problems in your life. By calling in your Guides & Angels, your Inner Awareness and with help from “beyond”, Marika Ray can specifically locate and quickly clear and release hidden, difficult and even unconscious or subconscious past issues of any kind. We then uncover blocks, obstacles or issues that may be creating difficulties in your life. These personalized sessions are done over the phone. 

Energy Medicine .  One of the greatest benefits of energy healing is stress reduction and relaxation.  This stimulates your body’s natural healing abilities while it also improves and maintains your health.  Energy healing therapy safely and gently balances your body’s life force and brings health and well being to you without drugs or dangerous side effects.  Explore the many facets of energy medicine with Maureen Suriner.

Psychic Medium Readings from Maureen Suriner Psychics serve as a medium between you and your loved ones who have passed on. They can deliver messages from” the other side”. They can communicate with the many kinds of spirits around you, from guardian angels to your loved ones who’ve passed on. Often they bring you information about their death and their new afterlife which brings comfort from “the beyond” so that you can trust their  new state of being. Plus, it helps you release the past so that you can re-energize your life.   Both personal and group sessions are available upon request.

Chakra Clearing & BalancingWe have seven main energy centers in our body. They are located along the spine and are called chakras. Each chakra is specifically related to your body’s ailments and physical dysfunctions. Each also plays an essential part in our mental and emotional strengths. A Chakra Clearing & Balancing session will assist you in releasing those stagnant, low vibration energies that have been dragging you down. So whether you are aware of them or not, your chakras will return to harmony, working for your highest good.

Community-Building Events

FREE One-Hour Wellness TalksAt least twice a month or more we will offer free talks to provide you with information so you can make the best possible decisions about your health and wellness.

Monthly Clinics by Donation.   For those who may not  be able to afford our regular programs, we are setting aside a day every month where we offer our services for a donation of your choice.

Community Potlucks & DiscussionsThere is nothing like getting together over some good food and openly sharing your experiences and enthusiasm for exploring new ways to improve your life and health.  Come with an open mind and heart.

Monthly Open House for Newcomers Every month we invite newcomers to come to a no-obligation evening where we chat about all the different work we do and services we offer along with our community events. We’re eager to tell you about how our work can help you shift your health, your state of mind and free you from past hurts or old patterns.  Join us and bring a friend or family member with you!

The Center for Integrative Wellness has just about everything you need to live a happier and healthier life with practitioners and people who care about you.